Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rainy Day Pick Me Up!

Well, the weather has been quite dreary lately; seems that we can't get the clouds, fog and rain to pick up and leave! So here are a few pictures that have brightened my days recently :)

I made chili the other day and it has provided some warm, comfort food on these cold, winter days!

When I went home this past weekend, my mom made a manicure appointment for her and I to have some indulgent girls time, and I got my nails painted this gorgeous color! It's called "Big

Hair, Big Nails" by OPI and it has cheered me up to see such a bright, fun color on my nails this week!

Love, Love, Love these boys! Can't believe my youngest brother is 15! He can drive me around; Yikes!! And did I mention I love these boys?!

Were only about 3 months our from our big day and I seriously CAN NOT WAIT to marry this man!!

This "little" brother is now 6'1, lefty pitcher for his high school team and quite a stud! Proud of him! And that adorable, cute, most precious thing you've ever seen is our baby brother Bear :)

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