Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Bear wanted to drop in and wish everyone a treat filled Halloween from his "jail cell" (aka the kitchen). How adorable, precious, sweet, so dang cute you just want to squeeze him (ok I'll stop) is he in his "bad dog" costume?! Don't let the disguise fool you, he's an absolute angel and just wanted to wear a costume completely opposite of his innocent personality. Bear, a bad dog, why I've never heard such an oxymoron :)

Happy Halloween Y'all

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Miss Mandy's

This past weekend as my mom and I were out and about shopping around, we decided to pop in to Miss Mandy's Antiques, one of our absolute favorite local shops. Upon entering the store, Christmas cheer greeted us with much enthusiasm, and I immediately forgot that it was still October, allowing the festive goodies to reel me in to their holiday world. This store is known for unique furniture pieces and seasonal Knick Knacks, with an antique, rustic flare. As I browsed my way around this invitingly warm and shabby chic store, I became obsessed with quite a few items, dreaming about our apartment being filled with all their gorgeous decor!

Take a look at some pictures I took of some of my most coveted trinkets and if you've never been in before, you must make a visit in the near future; you won't be sorry you did, though your wallet (or husband) may differ in opinion :)

~Burlap stockings and a rustic trunk~

~Aunt Sadie's Christmas tree candles, that I must admit, we have already snatched up~

~That sofa, those reindeer pillows and that sweet tree...sigh~

~Burlap curtains with natural greenery and a hint of sparkle~

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Jaunts

~My 3 mini pumpkins~

Good morning and happy Monday to you! Hope your weekend was everything you needed it to be! Mine was spent shopping around with mom (I finally got MAC and I new king pillows, a stainless steel trash can and a few other goodies that I am super excited about...don't even ask how new pillows and trash cans make me happy, they just do), lazily watching many episodes of Downton Abby (and of course football, go dawgs!, and the world series, go giants!), and hitting attempting to hit (at least on my part, MAC did great) some golf balls on the driving range.

All I want to do right now is stay curled up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and my book because it is freeeeezzzziiinnngggg today; how the temperature goes from 85 on Friday to in the 30's last night is beyond me! Off to work it is; have a blessed day!

P.S. Does anyone watch The Walking Dead?? MAC and I started to this season, and as I went to bed last night, I couldn't get the vision of that freak of a man sitting in the room with all those heads floating in glass tanks out of my head; what a pyscho! I knew that town was too good to be true!

~A cute basket I found at HomeGoods; I love the burlap and chicken wire feel to it!

~This is a preview of a whole Christmas post I have tomorrow, but I had to share this festive Christmas Photo card  I found at Target~

~ Quite a blustery golf outing~

~Caleb and his faces~

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Inspiration

~Absolutely love the warmth and charm that emanates from this beautiful front porch~

Though Halloween is quickly approaching, we still have a good month or so left to enjoy Fall decor before it's time to break out ornaments and mistletoe. For some reason, I've been slacking on decorating so I looked through a variety of pictures on pinterest (of course the go to spot for ideas) to assist me in getting the creative juices to start flowing. Hope you find a bit of inspiration in these. MAC is off at a hunting plantation for a work retreat (in case you couldn't guess, he LOVES his job) this weekend, so I plan on catching up on some girl time with 2 of my best friends (my mom being one and my matron of honor the other) and also getting a little crafty around the house! 

Happy Fall y'all!

~I've always been a sucker for burlap, so this candlelit fireplace with that Fall banner has me in full swoon mode~

~The gorgeous assortment of color, the simple monogram on the pumpkin, and the style of that door have me wishing that was my entryway~

~ This is such an easy craft and the raw, naturalness makes it quite elegant~

~I just may have to paint a pumpkin this year; it gives a mature look, while allowing the pumpkin to last longer due to it not being carved~

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today is a simple post of pictures that are making me smile. Bear is a furry bundle of spunk and character that my family finds a little daily joy in (well my Dad might not admit to this, but we all know he secretly loves him). I couldn't stop smiling at the above picture of him with the hood from his sweater (apparently it was a "chillier" morning and when he accompanies my dad to take Caleb to school he stands in his lap and hangs out the window, basking in the breeze, therefor the need for a sweater) pulled up over his little ears; he looks like a thug!

This is one of Bear's favorite morning positions. He perches up on his hind legs, supporting himself with his front paws on the window sill, and proceeds to shake and let out a high pitched whine as he about goes crazy watching the birds and squirrels. Poor thing, I think he'd do anything to be outside frolicking around with the wildlife.

Not the best picture, but I spotted these boots in Thomasville a few weeks back; they have a rustic/equestrian/western feel to them and I just love the style!

Who doesn't want to gobble up a freshly baked slice of warm pumpkin chocolate bread?? You know I was first in line!

Saving the best for last, having my sweet Mema make a visit last weekend brought myself and my family much joy. She is such a blessing and I was so thankful for time spent with her (the above picture is her visiting me at work). 

"A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love. She gives most who gives with joy."

Hope you find a little joy today

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reading, Watching, Listening

This week I am broadening the horizons of bookworm Wednesday to include my favorite show and tunes at the moment! I am just about done with the 4th HP book, and am awaiting the arrival of the 5th any day now.

A good friend introduced me to Downton Abbey a while ago, and while I absolutely LOVED the first episode and concept behind the whole show, I have to admit I haven't watched it since. I plan on going to redbox (I looked it up and a location right by me has it, yay!) this afternoon and renting it; there's a possibility I have convinced MAC to watch it with me so I'm looking forward to our tv date and seeing for myself just what the hype from this show is all about!

I have been a Taylor fan from day one when she came out with "Tim McGraw" and "Teardrops on my Guitar", but she kind of fell to the wayside for me in the past year or so. The release of her new album Red had my curiosity up and after listening to the entire cd yesterday from a friend, she is definitely back on my radar and I have to say, I enjoyed almost every track on her album. Though the vibe of the music is not quite "country" sounding to me, the tunes were extremely catchy and upbeat (I especially liked the song 22). 

What's on your reading list, dvr, or playing on your iTunes?? Happy Wednesday friends (can you believe a week from today is Halloween? Before you know it we'll be giving thanks, carving turkeys and working on those Christmas lists! Crazy how time flies!).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Due to a slight hiccup in the technology realm, I have no pictures today; I know it's not "required" to show pictures every single day on a blog, but as much as I enjoy reading and writing, there's nothing like a good picture to capture the essence of a subject or topic. So since you have been robbed of a visual today, I decided to share with you a list of popular "Southern Sayings" that you can get pure enjoyment out of by simply reading (and possibly allow your imagination to conjure up some twangs and drawls as you scroll through these to get the full effect).

1. Well I never!
2. Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!
3. Bless your heart.
4. That child's been beat with a big ole ugly stick.
5. Nervous as a rooster in a hen house.
6. Dumber than a box of rocks.
7. Can't carry a tune in a bucket.
8. That'd make a preacher cuss.
9. On me like white on rice.
10. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off.
11. Counting your chickens before the eggs hatch.
12. He/she done bit off more than they can chew.
13. Barking up the wrong tree.
14. Two peas in a pod.
15. Wound up tighter than an eight day clock.
16. Hold your horses.
17. I do declare!
18. Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.

I interrupt this list for a random side note. This is one of my favorite southernisms and one that MAC said to me the other day as I had just woken up and walked into the kitchen. I must have stared at him in a delirious confusion, because he proceeded to say, "Ash it means I think you look good," where I then, still stupefied that he could possibly say such a sweet thing as I stand before him in a bedraggled t-shirt and bouffant hair, say,"I know what that term means silly, I was just taken aback, but thanks you sweet thing." It truly is the little things, and one of many, many reasons why I married this man.

19. Acting to big for your britches.
20. Proud as punch.
21. Dead as a door nail.
22. If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
23. Once in a blue moon.
24. In high cotton.
25. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Do you recognize these sayings or have any others you would add?! I'd love to hear your southernisms so do share if you have any. Have a blessed day y'all!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fly By

I can't believe the weekend has already come and gone! Most of ours was spent doing something outdoors, so as not to let the ideal weather conditions go by unnoticed. As I've stated before, my mom is a very passionate woman in general, but especially when it comes to politics. She dragged brought my brother and Dad to a "Women for Romney" rally down at our capital on Saturday afternoon; she, of course, had a blast. Unfortunately I was at work and couldn't attend, but I was supporting in spirit from afar. Hope your weekend was wonderful and have a great start to the week! 

Dad supporting Mom in her political endeavors :)

Three of my mom's sweet friends at the rally; the woman in the middle spoke and headed the whole event!

With the cooler weather we had in the South this past weekend, I have been looking for some new outerwear and this Synchilla Vest by Patagonia would be perfect to cozy up in on a slightly cooler day.

Friday afternoon I ended up following through with my plans and went for a jog; I am so glad I did because the weather couldn't have been more beautiful!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Love List

It's Friday, the weather is absolutely gorgeous and I am off work, perusing through some gorgeous eye candy! My plans today consist of soaking up the cool weather while reading on the porch, hopefully (I'm liable to let this plan fall to the wayside) go for a jog to get some much needed exercise, and celebrate 5 months of wedded bliss with the hubs tonight. Hope you enjoy the pics and have a lovely weekend!

P.S. I wouldn't hate it if any of these gems showed up on my birthday...wink, wink, hint hint :)

Love the preppy simplicity of this Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Bangle.

I think this is quite obvious, I'm loving anything to do with my new title as a Mrs. and believe this Kate Spade "Say Yes Mrs." necklace would look quite pretty dangling around my neck :)

My ears are very delicate and sensitive, so a statement stud in a gorgeous navy hue (also by the fabulous Kate Spade) is just the ticket for me.

A watch has been high on my wish list for quite some time, and I think this Michael Kors mid size, golden ritz glitz watch (sheesh that's a mouthful) would look quite fancy on my wrist!

The Tory Burch Amanda Crossbody is wonderful.

I just discovered this new "Megan" line from Tory Burch and I think the sleek design, neutral color and gold chain are effortlessly chic.

Oh Hunter Boots, how I love you and would love to own a pair to slosh around town in. I especially prefer the dark green, black and red color ways; so classic.

Books...need I say more?!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Cookie Bites

In order to embrace the "spooky" holiday season, I baked these festive Halloween Cookie Bites yesterday for our married couples community group at our church. I found the recipe in the latest issue of Coastal Living and thought the Candy Corn look was so cute and appropriate for the month of October; plus, I love a good sugar cookie with a slight hint of lemon zest. These were so easy to make and what's not to like about a cookie in the shape of Candy Corn?! I do have to suggest you purchase a bit more yellow food coloring than red, due to having to mix the red and yellow for the orange section of the cookie, and also having to use it for the yellow portion; I made the mistake of not having enough yellow (hence the reason for the catalog shot above and not my own), but they still turned out delicious! Lastly, as we all know, looks can be deceiving and the above picture is proof of that. I was under the impression (from the looks of the large cookies in the pic) that these cookies were of a normal size, but until I started to cut them into their shapes, I realized that they are actually bite size; guess I should have gleaned that little tidbit of info from the name "Halloween Bites" (I can be a little slow sometimes).

Any who, you should definitely give these cookies a shot and I guarantee people will rave just about how cute they are...the sweet taste is an added bonus, no?! Happy baking friends!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shoes, Porches, and Politics

I have strayed away from the normal "Bookworm Wednesday" post, as you can tell from the picture above, mainly because I'm still reading HP and have no other suggestions at the moment (though I am enjoying the series, I'm halfway through book 4 and it's slightly dragging on). I know I have already informed you of the results of the shoe dilemma, but the local store I ordered them from (they were sold out of my size) called me yesterday to say they had arrived and I was just too excited not to share. There is just something thrilling about a new pair of shoes (especially ones you have had your eye on for a while) and what's not to love about a bright, pretty box to accompany the kicks?!

Continuing on with the random post (this picture is slightly more on topic), I stumbled across this sign of some "porch rules" and loved it. When MAC and I discuss dreams of a future house, they all consist of a large wrap around style porch. I wouldn't mind curling up on that swing below with a good book! A girl can dream right?!

Lastly, I just have to say, can Obama ever answer a question directly and truthfully?? He said he has fulfilled promises that he has made, but he forgot to mention 2 HUGE things. One, that he would cut the deficit in half (instead he added to it) and two, that if he didn't get the job done, he would be a one term president. Looks to me like he should be GONE, and his "promise" to the country from 2008 
backs this up.

 People, like Romney said last night, Obama can be a good speaker and have a so called "vision", but we have a record to look at and facts, that completely go against everything that comes out of his mouth! Lies, lies, and oh wait, more lies are a regular occurrence when he speaks. It's time to send you packing, Adios Obama

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mississippi Mud Cupcakes

MAC and I were invited over to my parents for dinner and dessert last night and boy were we in for a treat! A few weeks ago, my mom had pulled something in her back and could barely walk. It took her a bit to fully recover and during those few weeks, she couldn't cook (which drove her crazy). Yesterday was the first day she had really felt back to her normal self and she most certainly made up for lost time by preparing a scrumptious spaghetti meat sauce (still trying to persuade her to give me this "secret" recipe), roasted parmesan zucchini, an oil based dipping sauce for bread, and Mississippi Mud Cupcakes. Everything was quite yummy, as usual, but due to my sweet addiction, the cupcakes were my favorite part of the meal. Mom even had a tube of the frosting (yes this was home made as well) at the ready so we could add more of this gooey amazingness to a bite that was lacking it; indulgent, yes, but oh so good.

Click on the link above for the recipe, courtesy of Southern Living (it's also in their latest issue). We took a million photos of these decadent, chocolatey rich fluffs of goodness! Enjoy!