Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Days

This past weekend was wonderful and relaxing! My Mr and I came to my hometown, the good ol' sunshine state, for a little R&R with my family, and boy was it needed after what seemed like the longest week ever! I took the time to do a post from my mom's Mac desktop today because the past few times I have attempted a blog post, my paragraph's aren't spaced out correctly and I can't seem to upload pictures; it's a tough life being technologically challenged :)

Here is a little re-cap of my happy days from the weekend and what we did with our time!

My brother painted this beautiful Marsh scene!

My mom and I got a pedicure on Saturday and this is the color I chose! It's just "Cute As A Button" if I do say so myself :)

We spent a lot of time playing and snuggling with this cute lil guy!

Bear loves to relax in this chair!

MAC and I at our favorite al fresco dining spot!

My four favorite boys after our delicious meal!

My mom made us a to die for Key Lime Pie...she's a pretty amazing cook!

My mom and I hanging out before pedicures, of course decked in Lilly :)

Hope you have a blessed start to the week and stay tuned for more posts!!

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