Tuesday, December 20, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...Day 5!

Christmas is only a mere 5 days away! I just can't believe it, but I am bubbling over with excitement to spend some time with family and my fiance; it's such a glorious time of year! I wanted to do a post every day up until Christmas of a gift that I believe would be a great present (if Santa brought me any of these goodies, I wouldn't object)! The one I'm featuring today is from a stationary designer by the name of Emily Ley and I discovered her in the latest issue of Southern Weddings! Though it was in a "bridal" mag, the stationary is just a basic note card with a southern saying at the top of it (for example, "goodness gracious" or "heavens to betsy"); perfect for thank you notes or just to send a personal, super adorable note to someone dear! Her website is emilyley.com and as I perused her site quickly, I immediately determined that it looks right up my southern, girly alley! These particular notecards below were $25 for 16! So darn cute!

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