Friday, December 9, 2011

Finally! Thanksgiving Re-Cap!

Im sure many of you (well, if there still are any of you) readers were wondering if I had just fallen off the face of the blogging earth, but I'm here to assure you that I am back and here to stay! Unfortunately, my computer being a century old, I have had a handful of problems with it and pronounced it dead quite a few times. Much to my delight, (or dismay, due to the fact that I'd REALLY love to have a MAC), my computer decided to awaken from it's hybernation, allowing me to FINALLY be able to grace y'all with my sweet southern self ;)

Enough about boring, old computers! I wanted to do a Thanksgiving re-cap before I began with some Christmas posts, which is an unbelievable only 2 weeks away!

We had quite a lovely Thanksgiving at Hampton Island, Georgia this year. The original plan had been to celebrate at my fiance's grandparents house (this is tradition for his family, and they had kindly extended an invite to my family) but his sweet grandmother had just been diagnosed with Lupus and was instructed to rest, to not extend too much energy or become overly stressed. We knew that hosting would just be too much for Nena (his grandmother) this year, so we intervened and suggested everyone join us at Hampton! We had two large tables set up, a fire going in the background, and a feast large enough to feed an army!

This was a portion of the food; we had fried turkey, regular turkey and ham! Michael's little cousin Abby, and our precious flower girl, is quite the baker and she created these adorable little turkey cupcakes!

My sweet family that I couldn't be more blessed to be a part of!

My fiance' and my future in laws! Another blessing for me that I get to also become a part of this incredible family and that our two families came together as one big family this year for Thanksgiving!

Feel indescribably blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life as his wife :)

Instead of relaxing on the sofa after our feast and letting the Turkey take us into a deep sleep, we ventured off to my future Uncle's land to shoot skeet, pumpkins, cans and well just about anything in front of me I could hit (mainly the ground haha). I come from a family that is quite talented in the shooting area and my fiance' is quite the shot, so maybe one of these days I can learn to shoot that darn skeet!

Lastly, I got to ride this gorgeous thing, who goes by the name of Prairie Princess, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving with my mom. We had one of the prettiest trail rides that day and it was a wonderful ending to a very satisfying (in more ways than one) Thanksgiving holiday!

Hope that everyone has a weekend filled with Christmas festivities, Christmas shopping and Christmas movies (I have already watched Polar Express, Home Alone 2, and The Santa Clause)!!

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