Thursday, September 15, 2011

And So It Begins...

It sure does feel wonderful to be typing this post out right now! I have wanted to start a blog for the LONGEST time and have let irrational thoughts hold me back from doing so. I finally put my foot down and told myself to get my act together! Sooooo, here I am getting my act together and though I am a bit nervous, I'm mostly just giddy!

Just as a heads up, I am not very technologically savvy, so I ask that you bear with me as I learn about blogging and navigate my way through this adventure! As for the title of my blog, I decided to go with something simple and to the point. I LOVE sweets and when I say I love, I don't think you could possibly understand the magnitude :) I also LOVE the south; I'm southern by the grace of God and I wouldn't have it any other way! Both of these are "necessities" to my life, hence the name. You will soon learn that I have a tendency to ramble when I write, but today I have determined to make it short and sweet as not to overwhelm myself (or you) on my first blog post ever! I will leave you with 10 facts about myself so you can acquaint yourself with me a little better! Thanks for reading and I am just thrilled to have begun this journey! Here goes nothing!!

1. I am a twenty-something southern girl who just recently got engaged to the most amazing man in the entire world :) (the picture above is us minutes after we got engaged!!)

2. I serve a Mighty God and strive to live my life for HIM

3. My family (which consists of two younger brothers and some pretty awesome parents) means the absolute world to me! I also have some of the best friends around!

4. I am and alumni of FSU and have been a Seminole since birth. And I LOVE college football!

5. I live in the heart of the South on the east coast of Georgia!

6. I am the Assistant Manager of a Lilly Pulitzer via shop and Lilly is definitely a necessity :)

7. I love to cook and bake!!

8. I'm a bookworm through and through

9. I love sports, both playing and watching them, and enjoy running

10. I love anything and everything to do with the South

11. I love country music, fishing and mason jars!

12. I'm a girly girl and a romantic at heart

13. I will monogram anything :)

Ok so that was more than 10, but I did warn you about my tendency to ramble. ;)

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