Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love and Flowers

Two blog posts in two days...this might be a record!

Obviously wedding preparation is constantly on my mind and I am thoroughly enjoying browsing dreamily through magazines, pictures and websites for ideas to incorporate into our little southern, chic farm wedding! Lately, I've been perusing some pictures of floral arrangements and I wanted to share some of those with you!

Just as a little background, my floral preference has always been a hydrangea. Their appeal to me seems to be that they are so large and striking, yet so simple and elegant. I could just have an abundance of these beauties all over my house! BUT...I just discovered that I love peonies too! I was finding a lot of inspiring pictures on pinterest (that site is beyond addicting and if you haven't joined it, trust me, you should) of both of these beautiful flowers and wanted to share some pics of what I hope to have at my wedding, whether that be in the bouqets, as centerpieces, or possibly a boutonniere! Hope you love the floral eye candy as much as I did!!

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