Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday

Unfortunately, my laptop has decided to give in to its imminent demise and completely robbed me of the simple joy that stems from blogging! I was having withdrawals and had to devote my lunch break to saying a quick hello to the blog world; shame on that frustrating piece of technology for causing me this angst :) The only light at the end of this tunnel is that I can hopefully purchase a MAC, which I have been pining over for a longggg time and just didn't want to go through with getting one until it was necessary. Due to the fact that I'm planning a wedding and started an adventure in blogging, Im thinking now is a necessary time for that investment to take place, no ;)

Enough about crazy computers, I wanted to share with you a unique book Im reading that a great friend recommended! Said friend is in a book club and she, like me, has a love for reading. She always has great novels that she suggests to me, so when she said that I just HAD to read The Book Thief, I didn't hesitate. I will say that upon first reading it, I got through about 100 pages and decided that it wasn't for me. It was a little slow to me and very differently written, so I gave it back. About a week or two later, another good friend of mine read this book and told me that it was one of the most well written books she ever read, and the friend who had previously loaned it to me, continued to tell me I should really give it a second chance. Since I am not one to pick up a book and not finish it, I decided that I should try it one more time. Im so glad I did! This book is based in Nazi Germany and is written from the perspective of death. Strange, I know, but the story that unfolds between this little girl and the characters around her, is captivating and extremely interesting. The period of this book was obviously a horrific time in history, but the way this child manages to find happiness in the smallest circumstances is uplifting. I'm not completely done with the book, but I love it and would recommend it to anyone now! If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, give The Book Thief a try; you'll be glad you did!

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