Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bookworm Wednesday

Can I just say, getting a card, gift, or just an un-expected treat in the mail is just such a thrill! My mailbox is typically full of bills, credit card company mumbo jumbo, or coupons for the randomest items I have no use for, so when I get a sweet card or little trinket in the mail it is the highlight of my day!

The nice mail man hand delivered this little number to me today and I was one happy bookworm! I ordered this off Amazon, which has become my new route for buying books. I just really appreciate how I can buy a used, good condition, hard back book for $5 and pay $4 in shipping, which allows me to purchase the book for less than half the original price! I typically do ground shipping (unless I am in literary angst), which can take up to two weeks to come, but mine have always arrived in less than one week! Great customer service if you ask me!

Summer Rental, by Mary Kay Andrews is my book of choice at the moment! I know it isn't Summer and I know this isn't the most mind enhancing read, but hey, it's what my heart desires right now and that's that :) I feel as if all the books I have read recently have either been emotionally draining (I'm really sensitive to the characters I read about and feel their hurt/losses) or somewhat morbid and I'm in need of something cheery, light and fun! I have all of Mary Kay Andrews books thus far and I figured I should add this one to my shelf! She tends to write a lot about the South and love, which happen to be two of my most favorite things, so I'm sure I won't be disappointed!

Hope this Wednesday finds you joyful and happy!

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