Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tailgates, Country Music, and a Wedding Cake

I'm Back! Last Wednesday, I loaded up my car and took a mini vacay to see my fiance, catch a concert, and visit with my family for a bit! It was such a great time, but those 5 days sure did fly by!

The Luke Bryan Farm Tour concert was a rootin', tootin', hollerin' good time! We tailgated, sang some good ol country songs, and danced the night away. We did have a few, "minor altercations" with some extremely rude, selfish people who tried to get ahead of us once the music started. No one in our little group was putting up with that because we had patiently waited in our spot to hear Luke; we all started to grit our teeth and get fairly heated. My fiance is amazing and stood up for all of us by giving this speech to an obnoxious group of girls, "Listen, this is country music and we are in the south. People respect each other here, so you need to stop being rude and pushing your way to the front. Show etiquette. Now watch the concert." Eveyone within hearing distance proceeded to clap and cheer and those pathetic girls turned around, walking away with their tails between their legs :) Luke was amazing in person!!

This is us tailgating before the concert!

Wanted to leave you with a pic of the type of cake I want! I know we have plenty of time to work on this part of the wedding, but due to the fact that sweets are a necessity in my life, I've already been looking around for the type of cake I want! I decided I want something very sweet, simple, elegant and personalized (anywhere I can incorporate a monogram I will)!!

Isn't this perfect!! Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend, which means my fiance comes home :) Yay!

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