Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

There are a number of reasons why I am filled with happiness and joy at the moment, so I figured I'd fill you in!

For starters, one of my brothers (that's him pictured above) decided to take a spur of the moment trip to visit me yesterday! My family is super, super close and I have an amazing relationship with both of my brothers. They are younger than me, but both have exceeded me in height by at least a foot, making me the shortest member of our family. That's ok though, I've come to terms with being a lil shrimp :) The one that visited yesterday is closest to me in age and he is a college soccer player; that being said, he has an extremely busy schedule in the fall with practices and games, so it was a sweet treat for him to take time out of his crazy schedule, allowing us to be able to spend some brother/sister time together! We hit up our local pizza place (this has become a tradition when he visits) and enjoyed the fall night air as we sat outside, savoring each delicious bite of that yummy pizza! We concluded the night with some fro yo, no surprise there, and it may or may not have been my 3rd night in a row of having that indulgence :)

Secondly, what could make you more happy than finding a recipe that includes pumpkin AND nutella??? So delicious I can't even stand it!!

Lastly, I get to see my fiance tomorrow for 5 whole days!!!! Within those 5 days, we will partake in visiting my family, playing some golf, sipping coffee on the porch and enjoying this gorgeous fall weather, shooting our engagement pics (sooooo excited), and tailgating on a farm before taking in a Luke Bryan concert!!!! What could be more fun??

Everyone tells my fiance that he looks like Luke, so I decided to put pics of them up next to each other and see what ya'll think! I can see the resemblance, and I guess it's a good thing they do, because I sorta, kinda, maybe just a teeeeeny tinnnnnyyyy bit think that Luke is a pretty good lookin' gentleman ;)

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  1. Sorry Ash! No offense to Mr. Luke Bryant but Mackell is 10 times cuter! I'm sure his head will grow two sizes too big for his hat now! But...it is what it is! Can't wait to see ya'll!