Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweet, Colorful Fashion

For those of you who don't know, I have a love of fashion (probably the reason I have worked in that industry my whole life and got a degree in it)! I wanted to start posting my most recent favorite fashion finds, designers, boutiques or just what Im currently dreaming of having in my closet :) Today is definitely one of those "Im dreaming of having this in my closet one day" posts, but thought Id share with y'all so you could ooohhhh and ahhhh over it too! All of these lovely looks are from the ever so chic and feminine, Kate Spade!

I know this is just a t-shirt, but due to the fact that I have an incredibly large sweet tooth (that I wish I could just pull out), I kind of think I should own this :)

Colored jeans are SO in right now, and I just adore these "Broome Street Jeans" in red! Yes Please!!

These "Karolina" pumps are to die for! Love, Love, Love the green patent with the navy and white striped heel; it's such a fresh, preppy look!!

Can you tell that I love color, Im ready for spring, and any hint of girly/preppy details makes me swoon?? Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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