Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Update!

Well, I don't know about y'all and how many of you readers have planned a wedding, but there is a LOT that goes into it! For the most part, it has been very enjoyable and I have been blessed with the most amazing fiance' to help me organize and plan; he's been there every step of the way! We told ourselves that we were going to soak up these precious months of being engaged and not stress about silly things, and I will say we have held true to that (for the most part haha) and have quite indulged in the fun that comes from cake testings (I may be biased, but ours is finger licking, lip smacking good!), picking out our wedding bands and meeting with a handful of vendors! Most every big decision has been made (ceremony and reception venue, caterer, dj, cakes, wedding bands, photographer), and they were all quite simple, but the last big one we are working on is a florist!

I set up two appointments with different florists, that way I could compare prices, and the first was a jaw dropping shocker! I know flowers are a major expense with weddings, but my fiance' and I are really trying to be wise with the money my dad has graciously given us, and the total the first florist gave us was NOT in our budget! Mac (we'll start to call my fiance' this because that's one of his many nicknames I've lovingly bestowed upon him) and I were a little disheartened after leaving there, but with his creativity and my knowledge of a few DIY tricks, we think we can make it happen within our budget! We are getting married at a gorgeous organic farm so the scenery speaks for itself and doesn't need much else added to it, allowing us to stick to our simple, natural way we'd like to decorate! Think lot's of hydrangeas (limelight and white), babys breath, mason jars, and galvonized buckets! I'll leave you with a few pictures I have used for inspiration in the floral department and hopefully everything will come together as we vision it in our minds!!

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