Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday: America Edition

~I Love You, Ronnie is a compilation of love letters between Ronald Reagan (I'd love to experience a presidency with a man with the integrity, character and faith that this mand had) and his wife Nancy; so sweet, touching and inspiring~ 

Keeping with my theme this week, today's book post features 3 of my favorite reads that revolve around American figures. They are all absolutely incredible novels and if you have the opportunity to read only one, you MUST read Unbroken!

I sure hope this rain lets up (feel like it's been ages since I've seen the sun), but if not, my 4th just may be spent curled up with a book, which I'm completely ok with! Have a great Wednesday y'all!

~Killing Kennedy is the only book in this group that I haven't read, but my Mom absolutely loved it and MAC can't put it down, so I look forward to having a go at it once he's finished~

~Lone Survivor is a tale of absolutely courageous soldiers and true American heroes that gives you the most minute glimpse into what these men go through to serve, protect, and defend our country. This book isn't just for men; though many parts were hard to read and some made me extremely emotional, it made me all the more proud of our military and thankful for the life I'm able to lead because of their sacrifices~

~Unbroken is truly one of the most remarkable, incredible stories I have ever read. I highly insist that you read this amazing tale of Louis Zamperini that is filled with unbelievable (you literally won't believe or imagine the trials he encounters) human resilience, strength, and courage that is put to the absolute extreme test. This may be my favorite book I've ever read.~

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