Friday, July 19, 2013

Strikin' My Fancy

~This furry fella came to visit me at work yesterday; after being away from him for a week, I was so excited to see his precious lil face!

This week completely zoomed on by due to having the first part of it off and also because of quite a busy few days at the store. I'm hoping to relax tonight by cooking in and diving into my new book, that is, unless a tempting offer to do otherwise comes in ;)

Happy weekend, hopefully the sun continues to shine, and here are a few random pictures that are making me happy!

~Along with a visit from Bear, my Mom dropped off this doughnut she got at a local bakery in Atlanta and it made my morning. Sweets topped with colorful sprinkles equals my kind of dessert!

~I finally got myself a library card and it made me feel like a kid all over again. Did you know they have a section where you can buy used (mostly current) magazines and books?? I bought 3 interesting novels for a buck fifty, which delighted my heart to no end; it's the little, simple things.

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