Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday + ATL Recap

~Just received this book and can't wait to start it (supposedly similar to The Help, which I loved)~

After what feels like forever, I've made it back to the sunshine! We had an awesome trip to market (if you're in the Tallahassee area, you're definitely going to want to take a look at the new products we're carrying) that was very fast paced and go, go, go, but great fun none the less. Once the "working" (having a job where working entails shopping is just the best) part of the trip was through, the Mr swooped me up and after over an hour of traffic to go 2 exits (which almost lead to me having a panic attack) we made it to the Braves game and enjoyed sitting at the ballpark with a good friend! While in hotlanta, we feasted on a variety of delicious local food, shopped at Lenox for over 5 hours (MAC you're a saint for that), and just simply relaxed. I capped it off yesterday by reading on the porch for a few hours, sitting at the pool for longer than 20 minutes (thank you sun for gracing us with your presence), and getting a library card. The trip was glorious, yesterday was glorious, and now I'm ready to kick off a busy next few weeks at work!

Have a delightful Wednesday!

P.S. The book I wrote about last week ended up quite good; the last quarter of the book is the best part!

~Fell in love with these paintings at Market~

~Savon Soaps-New product we'll be carrying at the store that I'm super excited about~

~Coton Colors display in the showroom~

~Finally made it to a Braves game!~


~Go Braves~

~The rain held off and we were able to watch a great game with a good friend~

~Loved the colorful flowers we walked by on our morning stroll to get breakfast~

~Spent my last day off on the porch reading for a few hours and it was glorious~

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