Monday, September 24, 2012

Football Weekend

I can't even get over how great of a game FSU v. Clemson was this past weekend! They were the first ranked team we have played, so I was really hoping that we would at least hang in there with a tough team, but we more than hung in there and showed everyone we deserve our ranking in the top 5! We went to a huge tailgate that consisted of Boston butts, green bean casserole, and some scrumptious homemade Mac N' Cheese, courtesy of MAC; he surprised all of us with his own concoction that turned out quite good! After hanging out with everyone and playing corn hole, MAC and I headed to my parents to watch the game because we were sans tickets. I cheered, tomahawk chopped, and jumped up and down the entire game. Due to a big FSU victory and a Bull Dog win, the Crosby household was a very happy one indeed! Our Sunday was spent outdoors on the porch and the golf course enjoying this gorgeous "fallish" weather! 

Hope you have a beautiful Monday!

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