Monday, September 17, 2012

Savannah Weekend

This weekend was a whirlwind, but a mighty good one at that. It was wonderful to visit with family and to see our only little nephew, John Christopher (he has grown so big since we last saw him and is just adorable). Sad to say I had a photography brain lapse and forgot to take pictures of JC or other family members, but I managed to take a few scenic ones and also one of MAC and I. Hope you had a refreshing weekend; we're looking forward to the FSU v. Clemson game, tailgates and having some sweet friends make a visit this weekend (our first out of town guests, yay!). Back to the daily grind; happy Monday y'all!

View from MAC's grandparents backyard after a delicious brunch Saturday morning; not too shabby, huh?!

Only pic I have of us the whole evening (guess we were busy celebrating!).

Beautiful cobblestones and Spanish oaks on a square in downtown Savannah.

A house on Jones Street, my favorite street to look at houses on.

An old, historic bookstore in downtown Savannah; a bookworms dream!

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