Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet Bear

 I know Bear has made short appearances here and there on my blog, but today I wanted to "officially" introduce you to my family's dog, aka the cutest darn thing you've ever laid eyes on. My mom got him last Christmas as a puppy, and though my parents like to joke about him being a naughty rascal, my brothers and I beg to differ, after all, what puppy doesn't have some mischief in him?? He seriously has the sweetest personality, always wanting to play with you, cuddle with you, and give you kisses! 

I am off work today and came to my parents house this morning to be greeted immediately by Bear jumping up and down like he's on a pogo stick (we joke that he's half yorkie, half Jack Russel), about to jump out of his skin he's so excited to see me. I carefully step over his puppy proof gate and am lavished with sloppy, wet kisses; when I sit down to pet him, he jumps up in my lap, flops himself over and basks in the scratching I give his little belly. That, folks, is the sweetest greeting and a great start to my morning :)

The boys in my family (except for MAC) are huge Georgia Tech fans, naturally making Bear a GT dog!

I promise we don't torture him and send him flying down a hill on a long board, just thought it would be a cute pic :)

This is Bear's bed my mom had monogrammed that he relaxes on in the kitchen; the kitchen being the most frequented room at my parent's, he had to have a designated spot in there!

And this is the precious little thing fast asleep like a sweet angel! If you know my mom, she will most likely have some sort of objection to this description of Bear, but don't pay her any mind :)

Our family dinner that I prepared last night turned out mighty delicious! It was quite simple because I worked all day and had to have something I could prepare in the morning that would be near ready when I got home from work, but tasty none the less. We had BBQ chicken sandwiches with sweet potato fries and homemade classic chocolate chip cookies. It was a grand time and we hope to make it a weekly tradition!

 MAC and I are off on a weekend romp (once again) to Savannah to help in celebrating his grandparent's 50th anniversary! We hope to follow in their footsteps and reach such a respectable, incredible milestone in our lives one day! Cheers to sweet, long lasting love and dogs that make you smile:)

Happy Friday to you sweet thangs! 

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