Monday, January 21, 2013

Guns, Puppies and Books

~Bear being just precious~

Goodmorning! Happy MLK day to you and I hope the weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. The Mr and I took advantage of a travel free weekend and absolutely beautiful weather (such a tease because I know there is still cooler days to come, but I am already pining after those long days at the beach) by getting some exercise outdoors and also going to a shooting range. Though I have shot guns before, I had no idea how to load one nor get it set for fire, so MAC gave me a few lessons and tips on handling a gun and let me have at it with some targets. I got the hang of it pretty fast and loaded the clip myself with 10 rounds, set the action and once I felt good and ready, slipped the safety off and fired away (sound like a pro huh??). Surprisingly, on my second round, I actually hit 4 targets in a row (they are about the size of a head and 25 yards away) and I was extremely excited. We really had a great time and now I feel comfortable loading a gun and being able to use it...better watch out folks :)

That night we enjoyed a delicious dinner and evening out with some sweet friends and then spent yesterday at church (absolutely amazing service and if you're searching for a new church home in Tallahassee, come try out City Church), played with Bear (hadn't seen him all week and had to get my fix in), went to a BBQ at a friends to watch the game, and while MAC went to see Zero Dark 30, I FINALLY finished the last Harry Potter book (the series truly is incredibly written and I highly recommend you read them) while watching the premier of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami (I have a love/hate thing with this show, but just can't help watching it).

If you're off today, lucky you and hope you continue to enjoy your 3 day weekend!

~How could you say no to that face~

~One of his favorite toys to play fetch with~

~Scary, determined face~

~MAC enjoying his new toy...and how gorgeous is that sky?!~

~Armed and dangerous~

~Finished book and also just got a gel mani for the first time and hoping it withstands time and how rough I am on my hands~

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