Friday, January 25, 2013

Strikin' My Fancy

A friend of mine owns this JCrew DoDo Case for IPad and I just adore it! It looks like this precious polka dot notebook, but its really a protective cover for your IPad. Chic and functional, what more do you need?!

Good morning and happy almost weekend to you! There have been quite a few items recently that have caught my eye and struck my fancy, so I in turn wanted to share those pretty gems with you and cause you to have some slight picture envy like myself. I'm so thoughtful, no? Enjoy ogling all the eye candy...your welcome :)!

For the first time in a while, I think the Mr and I are going to have a night in to ourselves this evening with some steak and a movie and head to Honeylake Plantation for a wedding tomorrow; so looking forward to this! In other random news, last night I went to dinner with 2 of my closest friends and I think we just may start up our own supper club/book club! I have ALWAYS wanted to be in a book club (I am prone to have "nerd-ish" tendencies) and I'm quite eager to get the ball rolling on this one! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend y'all!

We recently purchased the Illume candle line for our store and received them yesterday. Do you not swoon over the gorgeous prints and colors? That alone would sell me, but the scents are amazing as well. If you're a "candleholic" like yours truly, you have to try these out!

One of my childhood friends works for the stationary designer Ashley Brooke (who, btw, is incredible and if you're not familiar with her, do look her up) and when i saw her instagram photo of this coffee mug I about died! I seriously need this!

Wouldnt mind a bit if this Kate Spade "Things we love" Coffee Table Book was situated on my personal coffee table...solely for the fantastic cover!

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  1. Gah I can't wait until my "book" of choice isn't a GMAT review book and I have time for an actual novel.