Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You've Got Mail

There is something just so wonderful about receiving mail, so when I came home Sunday to find TWO boxes waiting for me I was like a giddy child at Christmas all over again (the simplest things in life make me so happy). The first box I opened was a late Christmas gift from one of my closest friends, who knows me oh so well. Shes quite in tune to the fact that I'm obsessed with Emi Jay hair ties (that are now knocked off all over the place, including Target) so receiving another set of these fancy little things (with a gold sparkly one to boot) was just dandy. Being the thoughtful friend she is, she also gifted me that gorgeous Kate Spade bracelet to pair with my other gold bow Kate bracelet I was given for my birthday from my MIL; don't you wish your friend was hot awesome like her (sorry, random song reference right there that popped into my mind as I typed that out)??!! Thanks again JT, you da, you da best :)!

My second box (which also happens to be a birthday present from the same friend, sheesh she spoiled me) was my monthly Birchbox filled with all sorts of lovely goodies I have so enjoyed using! I've been receiving small samples of perfume in each box, and I know this is strange, but my favorite one so far has been Shimmer by American Eagle. It has hints of bergamot, peony and vanilla that are blended perfectly to be light and airy, yet it also emanates a noticeable scent throughout the day. Birchbox is so great for discovering new beauty products! 

I finally was able to stay at home last night, curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch The Bachelor! This show is absurdly ridiculous, but is a guilty pleasure of mine; my favorite part is watching all these nutty girls make complete fools of themselves (is that bad I find enjoyment in viewing their demise?). I only watched the first episode and I was blown away at how many seemed loony and how few I liked! I mean, 50 shades of grey girl, wedding dress gal, girl who did flips out of the car and fell (you're in a gown for goodness sake, how did you think that would end well), and the cruise ship entertainer...bless their little hearts is all I can say. I'll look forward to watching the madness that I'm sure will continue to ensue! Any favorites or crazies you have picked out??

P.S. Excuse the fishing poles by our tv in the last picture...that's what happens when you live in an apartment with little storage with a man :)

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