Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer

Mornin' Y'all! Though it's slightly overcast here in the "sunshine" state, I'm filled with giddyness over the fact that the Mr and I are heading out of town this afternoon to celebrate the marriage of a sweet couple and that it's officially Summertime! Woohoo! 

For today's post I gathered up a few (or maybe a bunch) of pictures that brought to mind the meaning/image of Summer to me! Think cookouts with friends, long days spent at the beach, American flags, festive outfits for the 4th, oodles of watermelon, Lilly Pulitzer (this is a staple), stacks of summer reads, fishing trips with the hubs, baseball games (go Braves and my brother), and lighthearted/chill music for roadtrips and evening dinner parties (just discovered the music duo with Zooey Deschanel called She & Him and it is has officially become my favorite Pandora station). 

What evokes the image of Summer to you? Cheers to the good ol' dog days y'all!

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