Thursday, November 8, 2012


~How fabulous is this Kate Peacoat??~

I decided that after all the heavy, political talk I have bombarded you with that I (and most likely you) needed a little pick me up; just something pretty to look at. By no means am I saying that I'll stop posting about relevant issues or things I am passionate in because I believe to push aside, forget and try hard to ignore reality, proceeding on with life as if nothing has happened, would be a true trajesty. The simple purpose of this blog is to discuss things I love, enjoy and find happiness in; sometimes that involves materialistic items and others it involves my faith and beliefs. Today I simply felt the urge to post a few items I recently saw in a Fossil catalog that I just adored, and to be quite honest, was surprised to find. Hope you enjoy!

~Kate coat in a warm, cozy cream~

~Obsessed with the color, style and overall look of these Zena Boots~

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