Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lovely Gifts

This past week I received a few late birthday gifts (due to these sweet girls living out of town) and I loved it because I feel like my birthday has lasted a month! The first surprise came in the mail in a delightfully pink package and I was thrilled when I opened it up. One of my best friends whom I lovingly refer to as JT (it's a code name), gifted me a Birchbox subscription. I had been hearing about this little gem for a while now, but just kept forgetting to go online myself and sign up, so you better believe I was tickled pink when I opened the box up. If you are unaware of what Birchbox is, it's a subscription (you can sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months) that comes once a month, wrapped in a cute box, with all sorts of wonderful beauty items and samples. You can go to their website and personalize your box to somewhat tailor it to your specific tastes and likings. Im still exploring this new world (you can earn points and by full sized products on their website, but you must try this out; what's not to love about a box of goodies coming in the mail!

Nail polish, an Emi-Jay hair tie, hair powder and lotion were among some of the fun items in my first box.

This box is too darn cute; I'd be content with this pretty little thing!

The second wonderful gift  I received were these Gold ribbon Lilly Pulitzer Critter Earrings. This is another item I have had my eye on, so I was so happy to get them! They are the perfect stud and alternative to your classic pearls; what a snazzy statement piece in a soft gold that will go well with everything this holiday season!

I'd have to say I'm one lucky gal to have such thoughtful friends! Go check out these great gifts for yourself or for someone else; they would both make perfect gifts, coming from personal experience!

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  1. Hey Ash - Check out Umba Box as well---a box in February may have an item from yours truly :)