Friday, November 9, 2012


~Stunning sunrise off the coast of Mississippi~

Goodmorning and happy Friday to you! I wanted to share a few simple things that brought a bit of happiness to the start of my day.

I awoke this morning to the above picture from MAC who is currently in Biloxi, Mississippi at a national  King Fish tournament (he is living the dream folks). This gorgeous picture was captured from his iphone as all the boats were awaiting the signal to embark on their quest of finding the biggest King Fish in the Gulf. Now I may be partially bias because I am a fishing kind of gal (and I met my Mr on a fishing trip), but this scene seriously took my breath away and brought to mind how incredible our God is to create such a majesticly beautiful earth. How can you look at the serenity of the water and the array of color that just bursts from the sunrise and not believe that we have a creator?! What an awesome God we serve that He would bestow upon us such beauty in our everyday lives, giving us pure delight and allowing us to bare witness to just a tiny fraction of his glory.

~My mom packed me a lunch today and I just LOVE that I'm almost 26 and she still spoils and takes care of me like I'm cute is the burlap twine wrapped around my chili and the Lilly name tag on my Muddy Buddies?? I seriously have the BEST mom ever~ 

~Christmas ornaments have taken over our store and I literally want every single one we carry, but how adorable is this "Our First Christmas" ornament for MAC and I?! We personalize everything at Coton Colors, so this will look mighty precious with our name and 2012 on it (the cute box is an added bonus). If you're in the Tallahassee area, come visit me and take a look at all of our holiday cheer~

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