Monday, November 12, 2012


~My sweet Seester who gets married in less than 2 months~

I so enjoyed spending my Saturday at a shower for one of my best friends whose wedding is just around the corner. It was quite the fancy little shindig and I loved getting to visit with old friends, celebrate Sarah, and munch on delicious food (as difficult as it was to step away from the chocolate fountain, I eventually managed to muster up the strength to remove myself from the viccinity of the fountain and leave some chocolate for the other guests). Speaking of food, I brought a dish of Paula Deen's The Lady's Mac N' Cheese and despite my worrying that it wouldn't turn out (I had a minor setback when I realized I had prepared everything and put it in the oven to cook, only to come back 40 minutes later to find the oven off), people quite enjoyed it. It was a simple recipe, but true to Paula's cooking style, butter was involved and it makes everything taste better, no; this would be a goodThanksgiving...which is next week!

~I borrowed this OPI color from my mom this weekend and I'm loving this shade of Plum on my nails~

If you have today off, enjoy it and remember that we are free because of our veterans and military that continue to serve and protect this great country. I could never fully express the gratitude I feel towards these brave heroes.

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