Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All I Want for Christmas: Books

~Cupcakes and Cashmere~

I have a slight obsession with books, as most of you are well aware, and have compiled a few of my top favorites for you from an ongoing "must read" list on my phone (every time I set foot in a bookstore, my list continues to grow and grow). I am currently awaiting the arrival of the 6th Harry Potter book (I absolutely loved the last one, except for the death of one of my favorite characters) and these books below are what I'm looking forward to reading once I have completed the fantastic HP series. Even if you aren't a bookworm like me, maybe someone on your list enjoys a good read and I would recommend any one of these!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

~Young House Love...I find their blog so inspiring, funny and refreshing and presume their book would be a winner as well~

~Love me some southern Lit~

~Reminded me of The Help...enough said~

~A memoir that looks hysterical~

~I can't lie, I loved this solely because of the title (but it sounds so intriguing after reading the brief synopsis)~

~A bit of a romance~


  1. I love to read too! And I was out of books. So thank you very much for all the wonderful suggestions!!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad I could be of help! I always have a LONG list of books I want to read because I am such a bookworm! BTW, I checked out your blog and it's so cute, I will have to follow now :)