Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Bear

~Sweet Bear under the tree~

Goodmornin' and happy Tuesday to you! My mom sent me this picture of "Christmas Bear" yesterday and I just about died; have you ever seen anything cuter?! His little reindeer antlers are just precious and how my mom gets him to pose so perfectly is beyond me (I've witnessed her photographing him a few times and it's actually quite humorous because she does this high pitched noise while snapping her fingers over her head to get his attention on the camera). All I know is Bear is the dog gone most adorable pup ever and he wanted to drop in and say hi and wish you a blessed day!

P.S. MAC and I got Chinese last night and his fortune cookie said this, "Adjust finances-Make budget to improve your financial standings." A sign from God to persevere in our car search and be wise with our (I mean His) money? He sure does work in mysterious ways!

~Bear's post; when he's not relaxing on the chair like a human, he's perched up on his hind legs, face pressed to the window, searching the yard for any signs of critters (birds, squirrels and deer)~

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