Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beauty Products

~Moroccan Oil, TRESemme' Dry Shampoo, and Maybelline "Big, Great Lash" Mascara~

A recommendation/piece of advice I repeatedly hear about from the fashion and beauty industry is to not wash your hair on a daily basis. Supposedly, it causes your hair to produce more oil than if you just left it alone for a few days; it apparently takes a little time for your hair to cooperate (it will probably be worse before it gets better). Coming from someone who has fine hair with a natural tendency to be oily (typically by the end of the work day, ugh), this concept freaks me out and I have steered clear of heeding the advice from the beauty culture. When I was reading the newest issue of Lucky Magazine over the weekend, I came across an article about the whole "to wash or not wash" hair dilemma and decided to give it a shot (at least for a week or so). I picked up the TRESemme' dry shampoo at the grocery store the other day, and this product, accompanied with some good ol fashioned baby powder, will be my new best friends as I navigate a new beauty regime this week!

I want my hair to radiate health and shine so nothing like a little science experiment to test the claims of the hair "experts". Maybe (just maybe) I'll take some before and after pictures to document the progress, that is, if it's not too embarrassing (I am in major need of some highlights).

 Moroccan oil is another go to hair product for me that I always put on the bottom half of my hair just before I blow dry to provide some shine and smoothness;it really works! Lastly, I picked up some Maybelline mascara when I got the dry shampoo and I am loving the larger brush! I used to wear this, but haven't in a while, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it (plus, how can you not love the pink and green tube, which was actually created from inspiration of Lilly Pulitzer). 

Here's to hoping my hair doesn't scare any customers away as I try out day 2 of no washing!

P.S. Bachelor talk warning in case you didn't see last nights episode: I was thrilled Sean finallllllllllllyyyyyyyy saw the light and got rid of the "Tierrorist"! 


  1. I have the same problem...I have fine thin hair that becomes oily by end of the day. Keep us posted, I'm interested in how it works. I have tried baby powder before but just feel like its noticeable :/ I'll have to try the oil you have, I try to stay away from products because I'm afraid it will make it super oily. Good Luck! :)

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  3. I agree that sometimes the baby powder is noticeable, especially if your hair is pretty dark, but try the dry shampoo; I am loving it! Also, I only put the Moroccan oil on the bottom half and ends of my hair so as not to get more oil at the roots! It helps make the strands look shinier and smoother :)

  4. Ok LOL I so misunderstood "DRY" I was thinking for dry hair not as in "leave in" dry shampoo :) I will pick some up today! I have red hair so baby powder can be noticeable. Does that moroccan oil make it silky looking?

  5. Thanks for the review! This product sounds amazing, currently I'm using their cleanser (the milk-type one) and Beauty Elixir, and am thinking of trying more items from the brand as the ones I'm using are really good.
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