Friday, February 8, 2013

Strikin' My Fancy

~My extremely talented brother recently painted this beautiful marsh scene of my parents lot at Hampton Island, Georgia. The picture quality isn't the best (quick iphone snap), but y'all, how gorgeous is this?? Tyler is incredible and has a definite God given talent. If you're in need of any type of painting, check out Ty's website where you can view some of his work or send him a message!~

It's finally Friday and MAC comes back today; I'm one happy girl to have him home again! I'm looking forward to heading over to Jacksonville tomorrow for a nice rendezvous with my in laws and doing a little shopping! Hopefully this rain clears away and we can have some enjoyable weather this weekend!

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you have a fast workday, followed by a longggggg, relaxing weekend!

~How adorable is this umbrella I made at the store yesterday; I'm loving this sea foam green color~

~I recently learned how to work the dreaded monogram machine at our store and it feels so good to learn something new and be able to conquer my uncertainty of ever figuring the scary thing out; it's so huge and intricate and if you mess up, the product is donezo! I have an idea for a monogram I'll hopefully show y'all next week!~

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