Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Jaunts

~On a new health kick...the freshest, most nutritious our fridge has ever looked~

How is it Monday morning already?? The weekend just flew right on by to me, but we had a great time Saturday visiting with my in-laws and brother while we shopped around the town center in Jacksonville; I can't even explain how many cute things I saw...every store was chalk full of delightful items that I could have spent a chunk of moolah on (unfortunately I exercised extreme self control and bought just a few things). We soaked in an awesome sermon at City Church yesterday, followed with a lazy afternoon of errands, reading, running, dinner and The Walking Dead. 

Back to work! Hope you have a fantastic Monday (I am eagerly anticipating 8 o'clock so I can tune into The Bachelor!!!!).

~As the Mr. chauffeured my mom and I around, we caught up on Spring fashions and home decor~

~Forced my bobbsey twin, aka Tyler, to take a quick pic in our matching tops~

~MAC so generously bought us both new workout apparel, the brighter the better, and I do believe the electric neon colors inspired us and made us run faster (at least we like to imagine so)~

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