Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend "Goings On"

~The new bow I made to give our wreath a pop of Spring~

Due to the non stop rain and utterly dreary weather we've been experiencing here in North Florida the past few days, Friday night was spent indoors dining at a divine, local restaurant that my parents treated the Mr and I to, while Saturday night we stayed at home playing board games with some friends (never ask me to be on your team for Pictionary) and eating an array of appetizers; rather than do a typical dinner, we opted for a change and each contributed a few side dishes (I'm sharing the recipe of one I made this week and you don't want to miss it, seriously so darn good and so simple). On Sunday, the sun finalllyyyyyy decided to grace us with it's presence and make a brief appearance, so MAC and I took full advantage of it and decided to run on a local trail near our home; it was so refreshing to be outdoors and run in such beautiful surroundings with nature, rather than cars, as our background noise. 

Unfortunately, rain free time was very short lived as I'm about to pull on a pair of rain boots and zip up my rain jacket so as to slightly shield myself from the monsoon that seems permanently stuck here! Drive safe today and hope these pictures give you a pick me up on this gloomy day!

~MAC took me to get this gorgeous bouquet of roses yesterday; fresh flowers make me so happy and this is definitely going to become a weekly tradition~

~Perfect shade of bubblegum pink, OPI "Got a Date to Knight"

~Running trail at Forest Meadows~

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