Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday: Fashion and Fiction

When we met up with my in-laws last weekend, they surprised me with a prettily wrapped goody for Valentines day that just so happened to be encasing the new Kate Spade coffee table book! I was so thrilled because the next best thing to a book is a coffee table book, and we all know about my inner nerd that has an obsession with collecting any and all books! Sunday afternoon was literally spent propped up on the sofa, ever so slowly flipping through this cheeky gem so as not to miss the slightest detail. Y'all must own a copy if you don't already; it's overflowing with vibrant colors, classic style, and pure feminine loveliness! 

On another note, I am currently reading The Street Lawyer by John Grisham (strangely enough, I've never read one of his novels). Though not near as exciting as Ms.Spades' gorgeous number, I have been quite intrigued with the storyline! 

Happy Reading!

P.S. Hair Update: That dry shampoo is a life saver! My hair was looking like an oily rats nest yesterday morning (lovely image for you), but when I spritzed the shampoo in my roots and worked it in with my fingers, it seriously looked like I had washed, blow dried and teased my hair; no oil and extra volume! 

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