Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday

I know they (who is "they" and what do "they" really know anyways) say "don't judge a book by its cover", but I must be truthful and admit that sometimes I do just that. I am only human (in case you were wondering) and I tend to be consistently drawn to those books that portray a fun, lively color or a neat picture or even an interesting name; who cares what's on the inside right? Kidding, slightly, but in all honesty, how could you not j'adore this book cover featured above with it's cool, mint green color, the simplistic drawing of a chic woman with oversize sunnies and a pop of red lips, and then her name, Bernadette, is just so mysterious and unusual that I immediately want to read this book and find out where the heck she is...don't you??

Just to clear the air and assuage the thoughts that may be running through your head right now as you think how shallow I am, this book is apparently just as beautiful on the inside as it is the out (just ask the New York Times or my mom, who finished it recently). This just may be my next jaunt in the book realm!

Do y'all judge a book by it's cover, literally? Or am I the only one who is like a child and sometimes (not always) succumbs to outrageous color or an eye catching picture?

Happy Hump Day! I'm off to work and then celebrating the birth of my youngest brother who was born 16 years ago today! Also counting down to Friday when my Mr. returns from his vacation work trip (he's living the dream right now, apparently fishing on a 61 foot sport fisher that belongs to Jack Nicklaus...lucky duck, but he does work very hard so I'm happy that he enjoys his job and is able to take part in some nice perks).

P.S. Promise this is the last thing...if you like my mom's nail polish that matches oh so perfectly to Bernadette's book cover, it's called Mint Candy Apple by Essie!

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