Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bookworm Wednesday

I was so delighted yesterday when I received the second Harry Potter book, that is, until I eagerly opened my package to find my novel without it's dust jacket! Maybe some people would not have been outraged by the lack of correct covering of a hard back as I was, but as I have admitted before, I am a book nerd and had wanted to collect the series, ultimately desiring all of the books to flow together when I displayed them on my bookshelf. Major let down! Now for the side note, I did purchase this on Amazon, used, for $1.85. Most would say this would leave no room for complaints, BUT (always a but right?!) I specifically chose this book over another because the other book's description clearly stated it had no dust jacket; this one lacked that minor, but important detail (shame on them)! After pouting and deciding whether I should return it, I showed it to MAC who described the book as looking neat, slightly rustic, and "old-fashioned". I had possessed similar thoughts in the back of my mind, but just needed re-inforcement from a trust worthy source. His judgement was enough to seal the deal of my decision to keep it. Whewwwww! I apologize for the rant, but someone had to hear it :)
This is the "naked" book I am currently reading :). "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets"

I believe last week I showed a picture of myself reading in a window seat at my parent's house, so I thought I'd show you another go to spot for me when I read. Don't you just want to curl up under that Navy throw and dive into a good story?!

Another mom has an eye for decor!

No this has nothing to do with reading, but I went with Mom to get a mani/pedi yesterday and thought I'd share this new color I discovered and am loving at the moment. It's by OPI and is called "Guy meets Gal Veston". Im ready to transition into the Fall season and thought this shade was a good in between color; not too dark, but crisp and bright. I thought the pop of color from the Granny Smith apple I was eating and my coral/red nails was so pretty.  

I got the same color on my toes too! I seriously wish I could get my nails done at least once a week!

I believe Harry and Hogwarts are calling my name so ta-ta for now!

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