Friday, August 3, 2012

Snip, Snip

I am in desperate need of a hair cut and highlights to snaz up this lackluster hair do (rats nest) thing I have going on right now! The last time I had my hair done was about 3 months ago, right before our wedding, and I seriously had the slightest bit of a trim (I was straining to see if there was hair on the floor). Now mind you, I had been telling my stylist that I was growing my hair out for our wedding and I think she was a bit scared she would cut too much off. So now that leaves me with truly not having a good cut in about 6 months...yikes!! 
I have an appointment for next Tuesday, and though I'm a little apprehensive because I'm trying out a new stylist, I'm super excited because I LOVE getting my hair done! Since I was little I have always enjoyed having my hair played with, But now that I'm an adult and can't sit in a line of girls braiding hair, I now pay someone a decent sum of money to do my hair! I seriously wish I could get it done once a week!
I have had longer hair for a while now and want a little bit of a change! My husband lives long hair, so I was thinking Reese's hairstyle in "This Means War" would be a good happy medium! I'm obsessed with the color and style of it, so I'll keep my fingers crossed mine comes out looking similar! Enough of my ramblings about hair, hope y'all have a lovely weekend! I am off work this Saturday and will be attending a wedding at a plantation in Bluffton, South Carolina! Pictures to come on Monday!

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