Thursday, August 16, 2012

Handwritten Charm

In the near week that I have lived back in my home town, a day hasn't passed that we did not venture the short, five minute drive to my parents house. It has become a tradition to go over in the morning and sip a cup of coffee together (my parents have the BEST coffee machine) before MAC and my dad head off to work. My family loves coffee and we love to chat, so this is just a great way to start off the day for us. My mom told us yesterday that she wanted to make a little breakfast and for us to plan on coming earlier than usual; we trekked into the house bright and early to find hot biscuits with bacon, eggs and cheese that really hit the spot this morning (I had to put up a pic of that yummy goodness and my mom's cute Vietri mug)!
The main point of this post wasn't supposed to be about food (though it is a subject I love to discuss and partake in), but rather about how I got my first pieces of mail at the new place today! If many of you are like me, you find absolute delight in receiving the "old fashioned" hand written note, rather than the typical bills and useless junk mail. A note from a friend has a way of making you feel special and loved more so than any other form of communication; it shows you that someone made an effort to be thoughtful and took the time to personally write you something from their heart. One note was from a dear, childhood friend thanking me for a birthday gift I had sent her; this is a lost art form, and though it's not necessary, it makes you feel good that someone appreciated and acknowledged the thought you put into something. Her note brought a smile to my face! The second note I received was from a sweet friend I met only a year and a half ago in Savannah. She, who's husband is serving this great country of ours overseas, sent me a note of encouragement on our move and my job search. All I have to say is WOW, how this humbled me. I can't put into words how much joy this letter brought me and how wonderful this friend is. She has a gift of making people feel love and hope and I'm so thankful that I was the recipient of those traits this Thursday morning.

Hope today finds you light and encouraged!

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