Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Club

Our first book club was last night and it was quite fun getting my friends together to enjoy each others company and discuss The Paris Wife. I made tea and "attempted" beignets to correlate with the French theme of the book, but I must admit that though they look nice and tasty, they didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped. My MIL makes these and told me a few simple steps that I coupled with an online recipe, and somehow I just didn't get it quite right; not sure if I had the oil too hot or the wrong kind of dough, but it was smoky when my guests arrived and I had no treats for them...what kind of first time book club hostess am I?? At least the beignets look appealing on my new Green Stitch Platter from Coton Colors; this is my new favorite pattern from the Swap Tabletop Collection that was recently introduced and is so great for entertaining!

For those of you that haven't read The Paris Wife, it is an interesting and well written book that I suggest you read. It was neat to learn about the life of Ernest Hemingway, crazy as it was, and my friends new a few more facts than I that I enjoyed hearing about. Though this book and the last one I read, Shadow of the Wind, were great novels, both had slightly dark, depressing undertones that my mind needs a hiatus from so who better to lighten up my book world with some humor, romance and a good ol' southern town story than Mary Kay Andrews. 

Any suggestions for our next book club book?? Happy Wednesday y'all! 

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