Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waiting, Trusting, Hoping

~We have experienced some killer sunsets recently~

"Waiting, trusting, and hoping are intricately connected, like golden strands interwoven to form a strong chain. Trusting is the central strand because it is the response from My children that I desire the most. Waiting and hoping embellish the central strand and strengthen the chain that connects you to Me. Waiting for Me to work, with your eyes on Me, is evidence that you really do trust Me. If you mouth the words 'I trust You' while anxiously trying to make things go your way, your words ring hollow. Hoping is future directed, connecting you to your inheritance in heaven. However, the benefits of hope fall fully on you in the present. 
Because you are mine, you don't just pass time in your waiting. You can wait expectantly, in hopeful trust. Keep your 'antennae' out to pick up even the faintest glimmer of My Presence."

Hope this helps to encourage you as you begin your day!

P.S. On a completely different note, were y'all surprised at the outcome of The Bachelor last night?? This has been one of the first seasons where literally everything I guessed and thought was wrong! Sean threw me for a loop because I never saw his extreme connection with Catherine like I saw it with other women and I felt like she came out of nowhere! The Bachelor really tricked me with playing up that letter, causing me to think it was a breakup note and that Sean was going to leave empty handed! Sheesh they had me on the edge of my seat (guess that's the point)!

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  1. Is Michael going to watch Bachelorette with you? Des was his favorite right?