Monday, March 11, 2013

Friends and Football

~Fireside at Z Bardhis~

As hard as its been to lose that hour of sleep, I'm ecstatic that we now have much longer days to enjoy being outside and enjoy being outside we sure did this past weekend. On Friday I was feeling a tad under the weather (darn Florida allergies), so MAC and I met my parents after work for a leisurely dinner next to a warm fire (probably the last we'll have for a good while) with a glass of wine and delicious pizza; not much that good company, great food and a glass of wine won't cure!

Saturday had us taking a mini road trip to MAC's old stomping grounds, Valdosta State, for the KD Shamrock flag football tournament. Though the mighty "Lazer Cats" didn't make it to the championship game, for a group of "old men" (as everyone seemed to be calling them, though most just graduated or have only been out a few years), they played pretty darn good and us wives cheered pretty darn hard (I may or may not have been given "looks" from other crowd goers for cheering a little too much, but hey, if anyone I care about is playing something, you better believe I'll be hollering out there with the best of them)! This was the first weekend since last fall that the weather has been just gorgeous and I was thrilled to be able to put on a pair of shorts and sandals, and soak in the sun watching football with some sweet, dear friends. 

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and for all you girls I saw this weekend, I had the best time with you cheering on (and coaching ha) our husbands and can't wait for another re-union that needs to occur sometime in the very near future (oh and good luck if you happen to be taking care of a sore zombie husband this week). Happy Monday y'all!

~Nice and sweaty after the first game~

~Sweet friends; miss everyone already~


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