Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday

The plans are made and the reading material is decided on for my first ever book club! Fortunately, my friends are all readers and it didnt take much to convince them that this would be a fun time to have a girls night, eat yummy treats, and just enjoy each others company. I'm so grateful they're being wonderful sports and going to humor me and my notion of having a book club because I am beyond thrilled that this is becoming a reality (yes I know, I'm only talking about a book club, but to a bookworm like me, this is super exciting). I chose the first book, which is The Paris Wife, due to rave reviews and my curiosity about Mr. Hemingway and his seemingly tragic love story; so far, so good! I look forward to giving you a re-cap of our first meeting next week!

P.S. The book I posted about last week, The Shadow in the Wind, is phenomenal. It is somewhat of a dark story and has a few scenes that are hard to read, but it is beautifully written, has a great storyline, and a bright ending!

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