Friday, March 29, 2013

Put Some Pep In That Step

~Penny Loafers from Boden~

Happy Friday! True to our nature, my mom and I have both picked up new spring kicks recently and the colors were so bright and festive for this up coming Easter weekend I just had to share. Anytime one of us purchases a new item, it's like an unspoken rule that we have to show the other to get an opinion or simply a confirmation of how darn cute the item truly is. My mom just snagged the gorgeous sky blue loafers from Boden and also the coral sandals from Aldo, with my approval given on both accounts. I discovered the neon gems on a quick trip to Target (I was supposed to run in to buy tennis balls, but that darn store gets me every time and I left with shoes) and discovered that there is almost an exact pair at Nordstroms for $50 more buckaroos, therefor causing my joy over my new score to increase even more! 

I never had a sister, but my mom is one of my best friends and I'm so thankful we share similar interests and tastes in just about everything; it makes for a really grand time no matter what we do!

I'm so looking forward to spending some time outdoors this weekend, wearing a Lilly for Easter Sunday, and attending our church service at the civic center. Speaking of which, if any of you are in the Tallahassee area and looking for a place to go for Easter, please join City Church at 11 am this Sunday; it's very contemporary and going to be incredible (seriously, you dont want to miss this) and I'd love for you to visit!! Thankful that my Savior rose from the dead and look forward to celebrating that truth with my church family this weekend!

~Aldo Sandals~

~Target Sandals~

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