Friday, March 8, 2013

Mr. Bear

~This is Bear patrolling the backyard from atop his crate for squirrels and birds, his favorite past time~

Bear hasn't made an appearance in quite some time, so today's post is dedicated to his adorable, precious, sweet, angelic, cute as a button, hairy self. It's so crazy how much you love these furry little creatures (my dad would object to my use of the word love right here) and though Bear can be a rascal, he's still the best pup ever and is constantly melting our hearts with his faces and loving personality. His most recent rascally escapade involved him drinking the last half of my moms coffee she left on a table, slurping it all over her coffee table books, and then proceeding on to chewing up some toothpaste that was left on the stairs so he could get rid of his rank coffee breath. I think my mom about killed him, but he returned back to her good graces (probably throwing her his best "I'm sorry mom" face from his crate...he's a pro at this) and I started receiving my daily dose of Bear pictures again.

Here's to mans best friend always making you smile and it finally being Friday again! Happy weekend y'all! 

~"I'm sorry mom, please forgive me, pretty, pretty palease??"

~Snug as a bug in a rug~

~Bear likes to pose for the camera (just trying to be like his mom)~

~Close-up...he stole the camera and took a selfie ;)~

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