Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday + A Bookworm Beach Outfit

This past weekend I finished reading "Mr. Penumbras 24 Hour Bookstore" and though it wasn't anything to write home about, I did appreciate and enjoy the unique storyline and quirky writing style. Just yesterday I started a new novel called "The Moonflower Vine" and I wouldn't be surprised if I finished it by tomorrow! I literally can't put it down (I love it when you find books that capture your interests like that) and look forward to reading it every chance possible. The idea and concept behind the story is similar and compared to "To Kill A Mockingbird", which is on my top 10 book list, so it comes as no real surprise that I adore this newly discovered southern novel. 

With Spring in full bloom (hallelujah), I now get to enjoy one of my most beloved activities, sitting pool/beachside with a novel in one hand and cold drink in another. I'm so giddy about our first beach trip, that I'm already searching for new totes, sandals, suits, and leisurely beach reads. I found the below ensemble via Pinterest and would love to pack up the whole outfit for my travels!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


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