Thursday, April 4, 2013

Channeling Your Inner Southern Belle

*This was supposed to be my post from yesterday, but for some technological reason unknown to me, it wasn't showing up on my blog. Of course I was unaware of this until late last night, so my apologies to you if you somehow did see this or if you were searching for a new post and it was MIA! At least now you have some leisure reading material to browse through over the weekend! MAC and I are off on a road trip tonight after work and hope to catch some warmth and sunshine by the water this weekend (crazy that I'm hoping for warmth in the south in should already be here daggum it)! Happy weekend y'all!

I possess a deep rooted love for the south, hence the name selection of my blog. A slow southern drawl, fried anything, southern hospitality, 'bless your heart' (and other southernisms), sweet tea, front porches, Lilly dresses, mason jars, country music (especially 90's and the likes of George, Garth, Travis, and Randy), back roads, Savannah, Charleston, biscuits, casseroles, and grits are just a handful of things I adore about the good ol' south; on and on the list could go. 

Being a monthly reader and big fan of the online publication Matchbook Magazine, I was tickled to discover an article on channeling your inner southern belle from March's issue and had to share. They discussed topics from southern films, to food, to decor, to fashions, and each one was so lovely and deliciously charming. Hope you enjoy and click here for the full article, March issue, and the recently released April publication!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

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  1. Cute post :) My favorite baby name is on their list! Georgia May Slingsby is still near to my heart. Now I just have to work on the Mr...
    I also like Clara, that's an original name you don't hear every day but not weird.