Friday, April 19, 2013

Striking My Fancy

~Striped Welt Pocket Shirts from GAP~

My mom and I did some shopping last night and surprisingly found the majority of our purchases at Gap! I got the shorts featured above and love the seaside look these blue stripes project; they would look so cute paired with a yellow or coral top! I must be on a nautical kick because I also bought a gold anchor bracelet that is equal parts dainty and chic. Lastly, what would a Friday post of things that are "striking my fancy" be without a picture of something sweet and Bear?!

On another note, I can't help but comment on the situation in Boston. I know it's frowned upon to discuss politics and religion, but I do both because they are relevant and important to me. Is anyone else completely outraged that we have allowed terrorists to live in our country, go to our schools and even receive scholarships that we as tax payers pay for?? What are we thinking? These Muslims hate us, and yet we let them live here as comfortably as possible until they decide they're ready to take action and harm us. We have got to wake up and open our eyes to reality. Drastic change in America is necessary and dire and I am praying fervently for the area of Boston and also for our country. 

~Love this delicate anchor bracelet~

~Watermelon Cookie~

~Bear always wanting to play~

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