Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Dog At The Beach

In all honesty (because blog friends should be truthful, no?), I was feeling slightly un-inspired today on what to do a post on. As you may have guessed by now, I have a passion for fashion (cliche saying, maybe, but once again, just telling it like it is) and would find no greater pleasure than doing a styled outfit post on a daily basis. That comes at no easy feat, especially when you have a day job and this is your hobby/creative space. It takes time, perfect timing to be exact (early morning hours or sunset), and also a great camera, photographer (luckily I have both thanks to my multi talented Mom) and a pretty location. Picking out the outfits and accessories, setting it up just so on the blog, tagging the brands your sporting, and writing about it all can also be time consuming. Is that complaining you here? No, not in the least! Just a little background info on what all goes into attempting style posts, how my dream would be to have an opportunity to work with my Mom on a daily basis and play dress up, and also to not judge me when I post a beach picture accompanied by a poem about a beach dog (but seriously, is this not the cutest pic ever)!

 I stumbled across this shot from an older Coastal Living issue and my immediate reaction was 1) what a precious dog, 2) I would love to hop in that car for a joy ride along the coast with Bear as my passenger, and 3) when is my beach vacation going to get here?! I also happened upon this super adorable, made me smile (hopefully you will too) poem about a happy beach dog. I don't know about you, but I'm with the dog; the beach is my slice of heaven on earth.

Happy Dog

I’m a happy dog at the beach
If I had the power of speech
I would tell you all
To throw my ball
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
There are no new tricks you can teach
I’m bouncy and glad
And my tail wags like mad
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
My joy is always in reach
Whatever the talk
It’s the best place to walk
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
As I hear the seagulls screech
I chase and I bark
Long into the dark
I’m a happy dog at the beach

I’m a happy dog at the beach
And I don’t want to start to preach
But if you ask me
The best thing to see
Is a happy dog at the beach 

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