Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bookworm Wednesday

So the book I blogged about last week on Bookworm Wednesday was absolutely terrible! I have no clue as to how it was given rave reviews, but if you want my opinion, it was a depressing, strange, awful, (did I mention strange), twisted story that I would never recommend to anyone! Whew, glad I got that off my chest. Time to move on to something light-hearted and entertaining, with a hint of mystery, so my choice this week is one my Mom recently finished up called "Speaking From Among The Bones". I have had another book by Alan Bradley on my "Must Read List" so I'm interested to see how I like his writing; it can't get much worse than what I suffered through reading last week (yes I could've stopped reading, but I'm OCD in that way with books that when I start them I can't not finish them). 

Below is a fabulous coffee table book that my Mom recently purchased that is chock full of spectacular southern homes (the one featured on the front is Ben Affleck's home at Hampton Island)! Hope everyone is having a glorious Wednesday! I'm off work and spending some time with Mom in our favorite little town up the road in Georgia, you know, just doing some browsing shopping around!

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