Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Goings On: Picnic in the Park

The weekend always slips away so fast, but MAC and I enjoyed every minute of it. Besides a spell of spring cleaning indoors, the majority of our weekend activities involved the outdoors, soaking in the gorgeous weather that resided over our town. Saturday evening was spent at a local event in Southwood called Pops In The Park. The symphony played on a great big lawn while we chatted with friends and had a picnic with the hubby's early anniversary gift, a Yeti cooler (its been on his wish list for quite some time, so he was one happy camper); it was such a pleasant night filled with laughs and delicious eats from local food trucks. 

With our current lease up August 1, we began the search for a new apartment/home and spent a good bit of time over the weekend driving around in hopes of finding a hidden gem! If you're in our area and know of anything, let me know! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy Monday!

P.S. When making plans for this upcoming weekend (always good to think ahead), I highly recommend a picnic! We haven't had one in forever and it was the best time. Seriously, the best!

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